Unsolicited Submissions Policy

Earth Alliance does not accept unsolicited submissions of ideas or creative works, including but not limited to scripts, music, video, podcasts, art, and literary works. The purpose of this policy is to avoid misunderstanding if the work you shared seems similar to a work produced or supported by Earth Alliance. The legal and business complexities regarding authorship and ownership of creative works makes it necessary for Earth Alliance to adopt this strict policy.

If you disregard this policy and share an Unsolicited Submission, then regardless of what conditions or qualification you make when you submit your Unsolicited Submission, you understand and agree:

  1. Earth Alliance and its staff and agents have no obligation to you to review, acknowledge, or return your Unsolicited Submission;
  2. Earth Alliance and its staff and agents may use and share your Unsolicited Submission for any purpose and in any manner without compensation to you or anyone else;
  3. Your Unsolicited Submission is not confidential or proprietary and neither Earth Alliance nor its staff or agents will be liable for any use or disclosure of your Unsolicited Submission;
  4. You waive any right to make any claim, including claims of infringement of intellectual property, against Earth Alliance and its staff and agents in connection with the Unsolicited Submission;
  5. We are not obliged and will not be bound by any conditions regarding ownership, copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, confidentiality, or compensation that you attach to your Unsolicited Submission.

We encourage you to work with a creative agent who will know how to properly submit ideas and creative content for submission.